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The Move


We are creating a 550 hours non-stop online talk marathon with 550 global leaders who would be interviewed and broadcast live on all online platforms thus initiating and creating the world's biggest and longest online event ever. 


This 23-day non-stop event will set many other world firsts records.

The theme for the event would be around the significant messages of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and therefore the emphasis is going to be on Entrepreneurship, Excellence, Equality & Environment.

The Movers


The Sikh Chamber of Commerce was established on the principles and messages of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of the Sikh religion. His 550th Birth Anniversary is slated to be celebrated on the 12th of November 2019 across the world.


During his entire life, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was known to have travelled 28,000 kms on foot, across continents, to spread messages valuable to the entire human race. Hence, as a mark of respect and ode to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, we have conceived a world-wide web event based on his chief tenets and various teachings relevant to today’s world. 

The Motivation


The name of the event is ‘Seekh Talks.’ Seekh is a Hindi word which means - to learn.

Some of world's most acclaimed achievers, pioneers, disruptors and global leaders will be part of the event who would not only share their inspirational stories but also bring forth ideas on what areas to focus on for a better future for all of mankind and our planet. Like this, the event will become one of the biggest platforms for learning, knowledge-sharing, cultivation of ideas, motivation and inspiration from stalwarts of their fields.

The Movement


Keeping in mind Guru Nanak Dev Ji's message for environment, a minimal Carbon Footprint is what we are aiming for. Which is why the event was conceived as an online event.

The online event will omit the enormous amounts of carbon emissions that the travel of 550 speakers, 100s of interviewers and a large number of audiences would have otherwise generated.

We are also hoping this idea will catch the attention of and inspire other organisations to follow suit.

Make It Happen

This event requires humongous amounts of resources, both human and financial. We thus seek help and support from everyone to bring it to life.


Make a financial contribution to make this humongous global event possible and happen.


Volunteer to be a local member of the global team which will execute this event worldwide.

Nominate Someone

Want to broaden our horizon? Do you personally know someone or want to suggest a name who can be a potential speaker, interviewer or performer for the upcoming edition of the Seekh Talks? While our team is scouting the world to bring forth the biggest of the names from various walks of life, we don’t want any achiever worth their salt to go unnoticed or unheard. So do come forward to suggest names and give their coordinates as well.


That’s not all, how about you, yourself? Do you think, you can be a voice to reckon with, a curious interviewer, or are a master of your game who can inspire others? We are on a mission to discover new champions from all walks of life alongside featuring established stalwarts and disruptors. So, go ahead and nominate yourself or someone who fits in the above-mentioned profiles… We are all ears!

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