Business & Life Lessons From Laal Singh Chaddha

Updated: Aug 25

I watched the first day first show of Laal Singh Chaddha, the latest release of actor par excellence, Aamir Khan. LSC is quite a movie with Aamir Khan's trademark near perfection. Despite being an adaptation of Hollywood movie Forrest Gump, LSC is an original. Besides the base storyline and love between the main protagonists, it weaves quite an extraordinary story capturing many incidents of India's history of the last 40 years and caused swelling up of emotions on numerous occassions. I heard people on either side of me crying often and 3 hours just went by.

I watched the movie with an actor friend of mine who was himself impressed with the perfection in the role by Aamir Khan, even his beard which looked absolutely original. Knowing Mr Khans penchant for perfection he may have grown his beard over months for the role. Being a practising Sikh I was myself moved with the beautiful detailed showcasing of numerous Sikh traditions and life.

The movie took 14 long years to get made and be released. The first 2 years Mr Khan didnt even listen to the script as he didnt want to do a remake of an iconic movie. The next 8 - 9 went in just getting permission from makers of Forrest Gump. And then pandemic delayed the release.

Despite Aamir Khan's massive contribution to Indian cinema, Bollywood, Indian economy and entertaining as well as enlightening our lives through iconic movies like Lagaan, Dangal, 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Dil Chahta Hai, and a show on important national issues like Satyamev Jayate there has been this controversy surrounding the movie and even boycott call against the movie. Watching the movie, listening to Mr Khan's interview about the making and seeing people's reaction online ignited the mind about important business and life lessons we could take from the entire situation.

Here are my key learnings....

1. It may take years for a project to get completed. Don't worry, keep working on your ideas. Good things take time.

2. It may take time and massive attempts and reattempts at persuading partners to agree and getting things into place. Try try again untill you succeed.

3. Operate on ethics. It may take much more time, money and efforts to do things in the right manner but that's the only way to be.

4. Irrespective of who your are, how big you are and your good work there will always be those who will criticize you, may try to bring you down, even harm you mentally/physically etc. Ignore them, stay calm, keep smiling and continue doing your thing.

5. Go into details. Every last minute detail is important. Like they say, God is in the detail.

6. Your work, product, offerings, services and life should be a mark of perfection. Nothing but the best is what is to be aimed for. Put in sincere effort, hard work and have only the best of the best in your team. Don't leave any stone unturned. Go all in.

7. Plan for unpropitious situations.

8. Seek feedback even from adversaries and improve on your product/service/self going forward. For example the Pakistani soldier/terrorist living freely in India is close to impossible and not easy to digest and not expected in an Aamir Khan movie.

9. Once you've given your best, leave the rest to God and fate. Everything will work out just fine.

Do the above and you will achieve success in business and life undoubtedly, just the way Aamir Khan has grossed more revenue than most other actors and production houses and is widely respected and appreciated globally.

Any other lessons you think I missed out on? Please do share them in comments.

If you haven't already watched then my recommendation is that you do watch the movie.

Agnostos Theos

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