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We are a Chamber of Commerce based on the Sikh principles of Honesty, Integrity, Equality, Oneness & Sewa.​

We are an epicentre for building new connections. TSCC is a platform to meet experts, leaders and mentors.

We believe in diversity by way of inclusion. Our members come from all walks of life, faiths and religions.


Honesty is part of the foundation of our core values and principles that we follow. Honesty is akin to morality that is embedded in our system and harbors virtuous attributes and practices. Honesty also makes us into trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere beings.


Integrity is one of the fundamental values that employers seek in employees that they hire for their organisations. It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work, and we being a chamber of commerce promote the same within our members and the society. 


Equality means the state of being equal and also is a democratic right that is meant for all. Equality is ensuring that individuals or group of individuals are not treated differently, on the basis of cast, creed,  gender, clan, economic or social backgrounds. 


Service to the world is one of the fundamental values that we preach and practice passionately. It refers to selfless and compassionate volunteering by the members for philanthropic purposes on behalf of, and for the betterment of the society at large that we are a part of.

Words Of Wisdom

"Always do what you are afraid to do"


– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Help India Breathe

In April 2021 we put together a team of volunteers who have been helping patients in many parts of the country affected by Covid-19 with their SOS calls for Hospital Beds, Oxygen, Ambulances, Medicines etc.

We saw the need for Oxygen and started a fundraiser Help India Breathe through which we have been able to procure and provide Oxygen concentrators which saved numerous lives.

While the present reduction in cases the immediate need​ seems to have been met however there are those who are left jobless and without work or have lost entire families and require food and other assistance for survival. Equally importantly infrastructure needs to be put into place to address any future covid wave.

So come forward and contribute whole heartedly. This will directly save hundreds and thousands of lives and we request you to lend us your hand with donations & shares.